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All Stars Agency represents creative talent working in the theatre, film, television and online industry. By intentionally staying small scale, we ensure each of our exclusive and hand-selected clients benefit from the individual attention of our team who operate on an international level.
This allows us to guide and support our clients every step of the way in their professional careers in order to realise their own creative projects; as well as using our extensive network to find the right collaborations – both nationally and internationally.

Owner and founder Andrea Kleverlaan started her career as an agent over 20 years ago. In 2010, she founded All Stars which quickly became a well respected agency in the Netherlands.

Since 2017, Peter van Renesse van Duivenbode has ensured our creativity is based on sound a commercial and contractual foundation. His business acumen is further supported by his excellent understanding of our industry as a result of his additional career producing showreels and photography.

In 2019, Marthe Genee joined the team. Originally hired to provide office support, she soon proved herself invaluable and has developed into a highly competent talent manager. Her background in communications and social media gives Marthe a contemporary edge making her an excellent addition to the All Stars line-up.

Most recently, in June of 2023, Inge van Hoesel joined the team as junior agent. Inge’s extensive experience as a PA and events manager make her the perfect complement to the skill set of the All Stars team.

All Stars Agency is a member of the Dutch Agents Association (NAA) and the European Film Academy (EFA).

Vanavond gaat de musical De Hospita met onze @lottiehellingman in première! 
Toi toi toi

📷 @setvexy
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Filip! 🥳


Check nu de gloednieuwe showreel van @hanneke_drenth 🔥 

Gemaakt door onze @petervrvd!

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Hiep hiep hoera, Mark! 🥳
Jahoor, daar is 'ie. De trailer van de nieuwe serie Rundfunk: Duco & Roy! @rundfunkboys 

Vanaf zondag 4 december te zien bij KRO-NCRV op NPO3 en NPO Start. Of kijk het hele seizoen vanaf 3 december bij NPO Plus!
Gefeliciteerd @sophievanwinden! 🎈

Check de showreel van @mariekeheebink!

Gemaakt door: @petervrvd 

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Grappig nieuws! 😃 Op 27 en 28 juni viert @tafkal_whats_in_a_name hun 20-jarig bestaan in de Ziggo Dome.
Happy birthday Rochelle! 🥳

Vanavond op televisie, een speciale Draadstaal-verkiezingen special!
@jeroentjes @amsterdennis 

Om 22.00 uur te zien bij @avrotros op @npo1_tv ✨

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