Xander van Vledder

In 2007, Xander graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy. Less than a year later, he became one of the permanent actors of Het Nationaal Theater.

On television, Xander is best known for his roles in the TV series Feuten, Freddy: life in the brewery, Van Gogh: a house for Vincent, and Ramses. In 2016 he played a major role in the police series Smeris and one of the Moszkowicz brothers in De Maatschap.

In 2015, Xander was nominated for a Musical Award for his leading role in Willem Ruis: De Show van zijn Leven. He played a role in the hit musical Soldaat van Oranje. 

In 2019 Xander could be seen in the television series Papadag, Vliegende Hollanders and Hoogvliegers.

On stage, he will be seen in Cocktails and the reprise of Vijand van het Volk, both in theaters in 2020.




Voicereel Xander van Vledder 2018