Beau Schneider

Beau Schneider graduated from the Academy of Drama and Arts in Amsterdam in 2012.

Beau played the lead role in Hendrik Groen on stage. Previously he featured in Eyes Wide Shut by Maastricht Theatre Group, A Life in the Theatre and Orkater’s Breaking the News.

Beau is widely known for his long-term roles in the TV series Spangas and the iconic Dutch soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. In 2016, Beau played the leading role in the successful theatrical film Master Spy. He has appeared in films such as De Helleveeg, Oorlogsgeheimen and Boy 7.

In 2020, Beau can be seen on stage in the second part of Hendrik Groen. In the fall he will play the leading role in Constellations, a theatre production that he has created in collaboration with theatre company De Mannen.





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