Christine van Stralen

Christine van Stralen is a Dutch actress who gained recognition among the general public through her role in the popular television series Dunya en Desie. Christine won a Gouden Beeld award for her performance, the series was nominated for an Emmy Award twice.

She played a recurring role in the series Celblok H and also appeared in other series such as Spangas, Papadag, Ninja Nanny, and Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden.

Not only is Christine van Stralen a highly regarded television actress, she has also made her mark in the theatre. For years, she performed in various productions with renowned theatre companies such as Mugmetdegoudentand, Het Nationale Theater, and NTGent. For her solo performance Een vrouw alleen she received the Encouragement Award from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. In 2023, Christine graced the stage with her role in Onder de rook van de Hoogovens.

Most recently, Christine appeared in the television series Nood S2 and Flikken Maastricht. In the upcoming year, she will be seen on television in series including Bodem and Santos.





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