Yamill Jones

Yamill Jones is an actor and theater creator. He made his acting debut with a regular role in the popular youth series SpangaS. Shortly thereafter, he took on roles in films and series such as Lotus, Alleen maar nette mensen, and Verborgen Verhalen.

In 2016, Yamill graduated as an actor from the Utrecht School of the Arts. During his studies, he played the lead role in Othello by HNTJong, directed by Hans van den Boom. During the same period, he emerged as a theater creator, developing solo performances such as Beroemd and Vandaag een witte man. For the latter solo, he received Het Debuut, an award for young theater creators presented by Via Rudolphi Producties.

Since then, Yamill has performed with various esteemed theater companies such as Het Nationale Theater and Theater Oostpool. He has been featured in productions like Trojan Wars (directed by Noël Fischer), Amadeus (directed by Theu Boermans), It’s my mouth I can say what I want to (directed by Daria Bukvic), and A Raisin in the Sun (directed by Teunkie van der Sluijs). In 2023, he appeared in The Story of Travis (directed by Romana Vrede), a co-production of Theater Rotterdam and Wellmade Productions.

Over the years, Yamill has also showcased his talent in youth theater, with performances at De Toneelmakerij in productions such as Snowflake, De Drie Biggetjes en het Wolfspak and Snackbar.

On television, Yamill has recently been seen in series like Jos, Bestseller Boy, and Flikken Maastricht. On the big screen, he played a role in De Vuurlinie, directed by Roel Reiné.

This year, in theater Yamill can be seen in Let’s talk about sex at HNT as well as lead in Robin Hood at Theater Sonnevanck. Additionally, he will appear on television in the new season of Nieuw Zeer.





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