Rochelle Deekman

In 2015, Rochelle Deekman graduated from the Utrecht Theatre Academy. During her training years she performed in Onontdekt by Theatre group ZEP, Vrije Val and Onder by Margijn Bosch het Melkwoud by Hans van den Boom.  

In 2014/2015 Rochelle starred in the theatre production Voorjaarsoffer which played at multiple international youth theatre festivals. Subsequently she performed in the live show How Can We Know the Dancer From the Dance (2016) at Utrecht Central Station,  Ifigeneia (2017) by NTjong and in De Jokkebrokker (2018). In 2019/2020 she played in Ruimtevlucht van Het Houten Huis and Holland Opera. Currently Rochelle stars in the theatre play Ik zeg toch sorry a Raymi Sambo Maakt production.  

Rochelle also made an appearance in multiple television series and films among which Alleen op de wereld, Motief voor Moord, Icarus, Flikken Maastricht, Flikken Rotterdam, Dertigers and in the short films Kans, Pianissimo (2016, Raymi Sambo) and in the Dutch Oscar nominee Narcosis (2022, Martijn de Jong). In the movie COMPLETE (2022, Robert Schinkel) – currently streaming on Amazon Prime – Rochelle is playing the role of Jennifer. In 2023 Rochelle stars in the movie Happy Single (2023, Anna van Keimpema). 

Besides her work as an actress, Rochelle does voice acting work for commercial parties and cultural institutions. 




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