Maartje Remmers

Maartje graduated in 2001 from the Theatre Academy in Maastricht.

After graduating, she founded the Wunderbaum actors group with five classmates. Together they have more than twenty performances to their name. They also created the feature film Stop Acting Now.

Wunderbaum has grown into an international company with locations in Milan, Jena and Rotterdam and have received numerous awards including the Mary Dresselhuys Award, the coveted Proscenium Award, and the Total Theater Award at the Edinburgh Theater Festival.

In addition to her work at Wunderbaum, Maartje has played various roles in television and in films. For her role in the film Stop Acting Now, Maartje received a Golden Calf nomination for Best Actress.

In 2020 Maartje could be seen in Season 4 of the drama series Nieuwe Buren.




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