Yannick van de Velde

Yannick van de Velde is a versatile actor and theatre maker. He had his first lead role at the age of 14 in the feature film In Oranje. For this role, Yannick was awarded the prestigious Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a non-English-language film in Hollywood.

In 2008 he landed the coveted leading role in the film version of Brief van de Koning. After various other (leading) roles, Yannick played an important role in the telefilm Aanmodderfakker, which was awarded three Golden Calves, including that for Best Film.

In 2016 Yannick played two leading roles in the features films Fissa and Adios Amigos.

Together with Tom van Kalmhout, Yannick is the creative brain behind in Rundfunk in which he also performs, which started as a series and has since grown into two theatre plays (Wachstumsschmerzen and Todesangstschrei) and the film Jachterwachter.

In 2020 Yannick played a leading role in the tv series All Stars & Zonen.