Hanneke Drenth

Hanneke Drenth (1980) is a singer and actress. She graduated from the School of the Arts in Arnhem and the Koningstheateracademie in Den Bosch.

Together with Anne Van Rijn, she founded the cabaret duo Dames Voor Na Vieren. They won various awards including the Holland Casino Podium Award and the Jury and Audience Award at the Amsterdams Kleinkunstfestival.

The performance De Grote Drie, in which Hanneke played Jasperina de Jong, won a Musical Award for Best Small Musical in 2018.

In 2020, Hanneke played leading roles in Tis Hier Geen Hotel, and in the reprise of De Grote Drie.

In the spring of 2021, Hanneke will play in Tis Hier Geen Hotel again.

Since 2007, Hanneke has been a regular singer in the radio program Spijkers met Koppen. For this show she writes and sings Het Spijkerlied every Saturday. This concept has evolved into the successful Lied op maat. Various companies and organizations submitted a request for this, which has led to a number of personal, unique tailor-made songs.




Voicereel Hanneke Drenth

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