Davy Gomez

Davy Gomez made his acting debut with a leading role in the family film Storm: Letters van Vuur.

He played leading roles in theatre plays such as De Kleine Blond Dood, Waanzinnig gedroomd, and Pinocchio.

On television, Davy participated in the improvisation television show De Vloer Op Junior. He took on his first television roles in youth series such as Verborgen Verhalen and #Forever. He was also featured in the YouTube series Gênante Schoolmomenten, created by the famous Youtuber Dylan Haegens. From 2020-2022 Davy had a regular part in the VodafoneZiggo commercials.

Davy also has experience as a voice actor. He was voice over for youth series broadcast on Nickelodeon, as well as for online educational projects.

Most recently, Davy guest-starred in the popular series Nieuw Zeer and Oogappels. Subsequently, he had a guest role in the famous Dutch soap series Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden.

Davy studies acting at the Media Collega in Amsterdam. He will graduate in the summer of 2023.




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