Hanna Verboom

Hanna Verboom is a Dutch actress, filmmaker, social entrepreneur and keynote speaker. In her work, Hanna is always committed to raising awareness about topics like sustainability, mental health and diversity.

As actress, Hanna gained recognition among the public through her roles in the successful Dutch series De Co-Assistent and Feuten. Later, she took on various national and international roles.

In 2020, Hanna directed and produced the short documentary Uit de schaduw, an intimate and personal portrait addressing the taboo around mental variations. The impact of Uit de Schaduw was so profound that in 2023, a sequel named Samen uit de Schaduw followed.

As a dedicated social entrepreneur, she is the visionary founder of Get it Done and Cinetree. The Get it Done Foundation unites and empowers change-makers to collectively make a difference in the world. Cinetree is a streaming platform that curates a selection of films and documentaries each week. Besides being a streaming platform, Cinetree is also co-organizer of the successful events HER Film Festival and Forest Film Festival.

With a multi-cultural upbringing and through her multifaceted roles Hanna continues to inspire positive change, elevate important conversations, and drive forward progress in society. In 2022, Hanna received recognition for her work and was voted ‘Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year’ in the category sustainability.

After a 5-year acting break Hanna will make her comeback in 2023, taking on a leading role in the drama series Elixer which explores the misconduct in the pharmaceutical industry. This series is set to be broadcast on NPO1 in 2025.




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